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Matt Bailey PlayStation 2 Ubi Soft Ubi Soft 1
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Batman Vengeance review

Welcome to Batman's first outing on the PS2. Here, Ubi Soft show us that a Batman game CAN be good.

The game begins straight in to the action (after the menu), and you're involved in fighting and jumping before you even understand the story. After completing this first mission, you are introduced to the story in the Batlair by Batgirl. You learn all the moves; how to fight, glide, and fire your Batarangs.

Then you move on to your missions, which feature a mixture of platforming, shooting, puzzles and basic combat. The levels are fun to play, and although they are quite linear, you still have quite a bit of freedom to do some things the way you want. Some levels also feature one of the two vehicles: the Batplane and the Batmobile. These are quite easy to drive, and some of the most fun levels in the game. The level select feature at the beginning of the game allows your to replay any previous level, meaning you can try these fun levels again and again.

The game features some great cartoon-style 3D marvel. The graphics are crisp, clear, and accurate to their cartoon counterparts. What cartoon? Well, the new Batman Adventures Animated Cartoon TV Series. The in-game movies use the same engine as the game, so as to complete the whole cartoon feel without going to some pre-rendered footage that looks out of tune with the game.

The game has quite a long lifespan. It starts off fairly easy, guiding you all the way, then, when you're fully into the game, the difficulty increases greatly, and you have a fairly long lasting game. However, the game does get a bit repetitive, with too many enemies of the same kind attacking you before you make any progress from one section to another.

Another small niggle of the game is the controls. They are unique, and awkward to get used to. It'll take a while to master, but they do cater for everything without the need to access cumbersome menus to gain every piece of inventory. The controls could have been improved.


Graphics Looks great, with the in-game cut scenes using the same engine for a better look 8/10
Gameplay Game plays well, but the controls are difficult to master. Batplane and Batmobile work well. 8/10
Value At the time of writing, we did not have a value for money ranking. 0/10
Lifespan Quite a long, difficult game, but some things are slightly repetitive. 8/10
Audio Good sounds and atmospheric music 8/10
Overall One of the greatest superhero games in a while 8/10

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