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James Mark Walker GameCube Nintendo Rare 1
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Required: 3 free blocks on memory card.
Optional: Wide screen, 60Hz-compatible TV
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Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet review

Being new to Star Fox, I did not really know what to expect. As I growing up I always liked dinosaurs, so that was a good excuse to get the game.

When you start the game, you are in control of Krystal, who is the only survivor of her doomed home planet Cerinia, and she now roams the galaxy in search of answers. She receives a distress call from a small planet in the Lylat System, and that is where you begin. You only have control of her for a short while before Fox McCloud and his team enter the game. His team, who are also his close friends, will aid you throughout the game with tips and advice.

The team are; Peppy Hare, who is a retired pilot, but still remains very close to Fox. He is absent-minded, but still gets respect from his team; Slippy Toad, who mainly sees to the technical side of things, from upgrading the Arwing, maintaining Rob the Robot and keeping the weapons in good shape; Rob The Robot, who has had several rebuilds by Slippy and has infused his personality more. He is now considered a valuable team member.

Fox and Co are now drifting through the galaxy waiting for that all-important call for a high-stakes mission which will reap them a great reward. They they get that call and General Pepper gives them the lowdown of the problem. Dinosaur planet is being torn apart and if it continues it will have big consequences for the entire galaxy. Fox and his team have to get to Dinosaur Planet and make contact with the inhabitants who are, yes, you've guessed it, dinosaurs.

There are seven different Dinosaur Tribes with most of them being friendly. Fox has to make contact with the Queen of the EarthWalker-Tribe and find out what has happened. You also get a little companion to help you along the way; Tricky, the Queen EarthWalker's son, who can learn new tricks, but you need to remember to keep him happy by feeding him Blue Grub Tubs. Some of the tricks which he will perform include searching and digging to find useful things that will come in handy, as well as fire breathing.

Your weapon along the way is a Staff which has many abilities which you can use for hand to hand combat. It is also upgradeable throughout the game, where it gives you the ability shoot fire or ice from the end of it. It also has a built-in shield which can come in very handy. You do get a few chances to pilot the Arwing, but for most of the game you are on the ground. It is not long before you learn that General Scales is behind what is going on, and you need to find the Spell Stones and Krazoa Spirits, and return them to the rightful place to bring the planet back together and to banish Scales from Dinosaur Planet.

In true Rare style, the controls are very easy to use and compliment the game very well. It seems that Rare got the hang of the GC controller before they moved on to the Xbox.

Like I was saying, I have never played a Star Fox game, so I was not sure what to expect, and I can't compare it to its predecessors. But I can say that the gameplay is a lot of fun and the story comes together nicely. It is a shame it will be Rare's first and last game on the GameCube.


Graphics Overall, the graphics are great, but do suffer minor problems. These, however, are not worth mentioning as the quality shows through. 9/10
Gameplay Great; I couldn't ask for more than Rare perfection. 10/10
Value At the time of writing, we did not have a value for money ranking. 0/10
Lifespan Very rewarding, but slightly short, as it will only last for around 12 hours. 8/10
Audio The audio adds to the atmosphere and the Dolby Surround Pro Logic II can, at times, be breathtaking. 10/10
Overall Great game but could have lasted a bit longer. This is a must-have GameCube title, especially for Nintendo fans to remember Rare by. 9/10

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